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carwash is the solo music project of 20-year-old San Diego-grown artist, Garrett Seamans. Beginning as a surf videographer, Garrett developed a love for surf movies and beach culture before branching out into his first music project Postcard Boy. While Postcard Boy has experienced relative success in the alternative pop space, carwash was the second project to come from Garrett which explores a new sound that extends into rock, punk, and alternative folk. There is a clear sonic quality in carwash that is influenced by his love for surf and skate films. Many identify carwash as sounding cinematic and nostalgic. carwash is music that makes you feel like blurry photographs. carwash is a soundtrack that encapsulates the freedom of youth.

Symphonic partnered with carwash for the release of his debut EP which kicked off with the first single “boyfriend, girlfriend” in July 2021, and was followed by “racetrack” in August, and the release of “soap water” EP (focus track: “friendship”) in September.

Genre: Vapor Twitch, Substep, Wave, Chillstep, Dance, Electronic, House

What We Did

Distribution   |   Marketing


  • Distributed carwash’s music to our network of 200+ DSPs for maximum exposure worldwide


  • In addition to pitching three focus tracks to editorial curators at our DSP partners, we connected carwash’s music with a trusted network of third party playlisters
  • 31 playlist adds for focus tracks “boyfriend, girlfriend”, “racetrack” and “friendship” across Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Deezer
  • Over 1.25 million streams in under two months across EP tracks since the first release in July 2021
  • Added to prominent playlists including New Music Friday (Spotify), New Music Friday UK (Spotify), All New Indie (Spotify), Lorem (Spotify), Breakthrough Indie (Amazon), Breakthrough Alternative (Amazon)
  • Featured as the cover of Lorem
  • 114% Spotify listener growth and 50% follower growth since July 2021

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