Bulk Imports into SymphonicMS

Our instructional guide for approved clients!

Welcome to our bulk import quick start guide! We’d like to highlight some key points of this process to get you up and running quickly! You must be enabled and approved for Bulk Imports in order to take advantage of the feature. In addition, please review our Documentation for more detailed step by step processes.


What you’ll need:

  • Login credentials
  • FTP client

Login Credentials

You should be in the possession of your FTP login credentials. If you’ve misplaced them, then please reach out to our Client Relations team here.

FTP Client

Once you have your login credentials, download an FTP client and input the credentials to establish a connection to our FTP server. Once connected you can begin uploading your release packages to our FTP server to prepare for import.

If you are unsure of an FTP client to use, we suggest FileZilla or Cyberduck.

Importing Your Release

Whether you choose to import via CSV or XML the process is roughly the same.

1. Upload your releases to our FTP server (in self-contained folders)
2. Once uploaded, go to the SymphonicMS
3. Under Distribute in the navigation, head to either Bulk Import (CSV) / (XML) [depending on the format chosen]


4. Upload the CSV containing the metadata for all of the releases you intend to import
5. Click Process


4. Select which releases you would like to import
5. Click Process

Afterwards you will be taken to a page that will update you in real time the status of the import. You’ll receive feedback on what releases succeeded, and which ones failed and why. Address any issues you have on the ones that failed and try again.

If you have any questions regarding this process or if you cannot diagnose the errors you encounter you can reach out to our Client Relations team here.



For our currently supported Genres, Partners, and Territories please reference the Bulk Import CSV/XML pages on Symphonic. These are kept up to date at all times, so please download these reference documents from time to time to take advantage of our latest updates.