Symphonic Next

The team and tools you need to sell NFTs and expand your community through Web3.

Symphonic Next is the team and tools you need to utilize blockchain technology in your music distribution strategy

Symphonic Next is the team and tools you need to utilize blockchain technology in your music distribution strategy while maintaining ownership of your work. With expert knowledge from our in-house Web3 team, learn, build, and monetize blockchain to add experiences to your music campaigns.

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Intro Package (Free) - Learn the basics about Web3.

  • Community – Receive exclusive access to the Symphonic Next Discord where you will find tailored content and in-depth resources to begin your Web3 journey. 
  • Education – Learn from our Web3 team and guest speakers about new models for music creation, distribution, monetization, and more. 
  • Attention – Connect to Symphonic’s Web3 team for real-time, hands-on attention.

Primary Package ($1850) -Release an NFT with our experienced team.

  • Collaboration – Next will work hand-in-hand with you to strategize and implement NFTs into your music release campaign. 
  • Partnerships – Next will pitch our Web3 partners, giving you a direct runway to music NFT marketplaces, custom web3 site building, and new cutting edge distribution models.
  • Frictionless Splits – Next will initiate instant, frictionless payment / split processing for you and all collaborators on your NFTs via each marketplace. 

Full Service Package (Custom) - Create a custom Web3 campaign from scratch.

  • Team – Next will enlist Symphonic’s marketing team, digital team, and beyond to build a holistic campaign seamlessly blending with your existing business. 
  • Customization – Next will build you a bespoke Web3 presence inclusive of NFTs, Discord hub, website, and more! 
  • Utility – Next will help you facilitate IRL functionality of your NFTs through exclusive concert experiences, merch drops, and meet-ups.
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Web3 Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Symphonic Next?

Symphonic Next is our new service to help creators utilize Web3 technologies to connect more closely with their fanbase, further monetize their content, and maintain ownership of that content.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the general term for the new “internet” utilizing blockchain technology.

How do I sign up?

 Apply here to submit your information.

How does Symphonic decide who can participate?

Initially, we will be selecting creators who have an active fanbase, proven brand traction and ownership / control of content. Previous Web3 experience will be weighted.

How much will it cost?

We have multiple tiers of service to fit all needs with prices ranging from free to $1,850 to custom.

Why is Symphonic expanding into Web3?

Symphonic emphasizes tech, ownership, and community building already. While Web3 is still fairly new, we have identified ways to use these new technologies to add to what we already do best!

What if I am not a Symphonic client?

Can I apply for Symphonic Next? Yes you can.

If I am already a Symphonic client, am I enrolled in Symphonic Next?

No, you’re not. We are currently in beta mode and are accepting a limited amount of clients to get us started.