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Apply for an internship at Symphonic Distribution and learn from one of the fastest-growing distribution companies in independent music!

Symphonic Distribution is one of the leading independent digital music distributors to stores such as Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon, and more. We provide our clients, independent artist and record labels, access to hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world, and created unique opportunities for them to exploit their music and generate more revenue from it.

General Requirements

If you are creative, love music, have a deep interest for business, or are a social media butterfly and love to think outside the box, one of our internships programs is for you! Symphonic Distribution has internship programs designed for your passion! Learn new skills that will lead you into a career in the exciting and ever-evolving world of digital music.

Interns should arrive each day with a positive attitude, the zeal to learn and willingness to take initiative. Most importantly, each of our interns must possess a veritable love for music and a hunger for success. Experience and knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Outlook and Excel, is a must.

Content Specialist APPLY TPA

The Content Specialist intern should be a writing ninja! This person can quickly create clear and accurate blog content and is eager to expand their skills in the world of digital marketing!

Candidate must have excellent communication skills, including a firm grasp of grammar and punctuation, and have the ability to expand their content writing skills and knowledge.

Digital Content APPLY TPA

The Operations Support intern will learn the backstage operations that take place with the digital management of artist and label clients, special data projects and quality control. The intern will gain skills and knowledge from Symphonic’s Sales and Support Director on SoundCloud whitelisting, reviewing and adding information to Zendesk, and providing SMS user experience feedback.

Candidate must be familiar with various audio formatting and have basic knowledge of Windows files and Microsoft Office applications.


Candidates interested in this speciality will learn from our Artist & Label Marketing team the different methods used to pitching music to digital services providers. You will gain real-world music industry experience that will be a great addition to your resume.

Sync Licensing Services

The Sync Licensing intern will learn to add necessary data after listening to catalogue, research a label copy from catalogue releases and how to craft email newsletters that are sent to music supervisors.

Basic knowledge of music publishing, comfort with legal language and a love for business are required. Must be familiar with musical trends across all genres and possess strong writing skills.

Editorial APPLY

Students who are passionate about the music industry and are pursuing a degree in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations or related fields are a perfect fit for our Editorial intern. The Editorial intern will learn how to contribute to Symphonic’s company blog as well as our popular electronic music subsidiary, NoisePorn. This intern will have the opportunity to learn how to interview musicians and other relevant people in the industry and may attend local musical events, including festivals and concerts in order to learn to write reviews of such events.

Candidate must be knowledgeable about the music industry, have exceptional grammar and writing skills and have the ability to meet tight deadlines. Knowledge of AP Style and a love for underground and/or mainstream EDM is a major plus.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design intern will learn from our in-house designers on various projects, including how to create artist marketing campaigns, album covers and internal branding assignments.

Candidate must be highly proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Candidate must also pay strong attention to detail, have the ability to manage multiple projects, and be able to prioritize and meet deadlines.


The Video Production Intern will learn from our in-house designers on various projects, including coverage of interviews, video editing, and production.

Candidate must be highly proficient in Mac Based Environment, editing, mixing and must pay strong attention to detail, have the ability to manage multiple projects, and be able to prioritize and meet deadlines.

Music Distribution, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion
Music industry internships, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion
Music industry internships, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion

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What other students are saying

“Interning at Symphonic was an unforgettable experience. Everyone there is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the industry but also really down to earth. It’s not only a one-stop shop for their clients but also for their interns I got to learn about all the different aspects of the music industry from publishing and licensing to marketing and sales. Also everyone there just loves music so it’s just all around a great place to work, listen and learn. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is really looking to learn all they can about the music industry.”

“I absolutely loved interning at Symphonic Distribution, the staff is amazing and the office has a great open and friendly vibe. Everyone is willing to give you insight to what they do and to help you understand the industry and its different areas. I was lucky to gain a great deal of marketing experience as well as getting to do some public relations work. The best aspect though was that I wasn’t making copies or getting coffee, I got to do real hands-on work and learn the ropes.”

“In the fall of 2014, I had the opportunity to do a four-month unpaid media internship at Symphonic Distribution, which was perfect for me. Their team works in an office with a modern and colorful interior design, which is inspiring to work at. It is located in Wesley Chapel, close to Tampa, FL.

First of all, I loved the down-to-earth and friendly work atmosphere at the office, which made you feel like an equal part of the team. Secondly, they were very helpful and patient with any necessary paperwork I needed to get school credit etc. But most importantly I learned a lot about working in a healthy medium sized company with good communication, and where passion and honesty automatically makes you want to work hard. It’s the kind of company structure I wish to help run some day.
My work was planned according to my skills and passions so I was never bored. I was given responsibility, and if I needed to learn something I didn’t know, I was happily assisted, helped and taught.

My work consisted of creating media content for their music blog and helping with other media and event projects that Symphonic Distribution was involved with. For the blog, I wrote music reviews, news articles and personal article ideas. I also helped produce a handful of artist interviews mixed with concert/gig footage. And lastly, I helped plan and produce social media content for a local music event in St. Petersburg which Symphonic sponsored.

I can highly recommend this place for an internship to someone who is outgoing and passionate about music distribution and creative media content production.”