Easy Social Media for the Music Industry

The ultimate platform for engaging fans, increasing sales and growing plays

Grow a loyal fan base

Find the exact social music lovers to follow and unfollow with our advanced social fan curation system. Easily see how likely fans are to follow you back, how engaged they are with other artists and how influential they are within your genre.

Keep making music

Making music whilst keeping your social media accounts live is the toughest part of building a loyal fan base. However, with Symphonic Social, we provide you with the tools to automate content and engagement so you can focus on making more music.

Drive sales

Get more plays. Sell more tickets and merch. Symphonic Social is committed to using social media best practices that gives you the highest engagement from your fans, boosting your sales.

An all in one solution to make your life easier

Tailored for the artist community

Discover an entire world of content

No one likes to spend hours trawling through blogs and search results to find the latest news about your favorite bands or artists.
With Symphonic Social you can discover a whole world of content that will resonate with lovers of music across the globe.

Share Your Music

Gather all of your unique content ready to share, directly from your favorite apps

Quickly connect your favorite apps

Symphonic Social makes integrating content sources easier than ever with ‘Connected Apps’. Choose from integrations: Soundcloud, Youtube, Songkick and more.

Schedule your Connected content

Once your apps are connected Symphonic Social you will have access to your content ready to schedule

Tailor Your Message for Your Audiences.

Post natively to each social network to achieve the highest engagement rates possible.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

We help build your content schedule, so you are posting and the right times, to the right networks.

Post at the right time

You will always be posting at the optimal time thanks to our intelligent schedule, ensuring your fans are seeing your content as much as possible.

Post at the right frequency

We help with the frequency of your posts to each social network, ensuring that you don’t overwhelm your followers with updates.

Post with flexibility

Although we recommend the best times and networks to post to, we know that you will want to have some say too. Our smart schedule is easily customizable.

Engage with Fans

Coming Soon

Monitor engagements on your content and speak to your fans directly.

Listen to your Fans as they listen to you

With our universal inbox you will be able to monitor each piece of content you have posted out, and the engagements on those posts. Check in to see what your fans think of your latest track or upcoming gig.

Reach out to fans

Fans always have questions, we’ve made it so much easier to speak directly to your fan base with our Universal Inbox. Be in touch with your fans and boost social engagement on your accounts.

Promote with Ads

Coming Soon

Add a call-to-action banner to every link that you share to your fans and drive massive traffic back to your music.

Customize your message

Your ‘Ad’ appears as a banner at the top of any article that you’ve shared from Symphonic Social. The banner contains your custom message that you can set within your feeds manager so you can promote a new release, tour, capture emails or exclusive downloads for a follow.

Generate sales and plays

Symphonic Social integrates with all the tools you use now; iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Teespring, LiveNation and 100’s more. Just paste the URL of what you want to promote and Symphonic Social will do the rest. Delivering you more potential fans and sales right at your doorstep.

Agency Grade Tools to Help Grow Your Fans

Grow your fans on social media organically with relevant followers who you can build real engagement with.

Following and Unfollowing suggestions

Symphonic Social makes it simple for you to grow natural, relevant fans with its following and unfollowing suggestions. Symphonic Social will recommend potential fans to follow based on fans of similar artists, all sorted by their own unique quality score.

Find users of another user

Reach new fans has never been easier thanks to Symphonic Social. Find the fans of other musicians who are similar to yourself and follow the ones you believe would be interested in hearing your music.

Promote with Ads

Symphonic Social has also teamed up with DemoBox so you can measure the progress of your plays, fans, downloads & sales with powerful analytics that lets you know about actions and engagements across your social accounts.

Focus on your stats

We simplify analytics so that you can focus on what’s important for your music. You have a complete overview of who your fans are, where they are from and what tracks are the most popular. You can even add in your streaming data.

Stay on track with Social Goals

Symphonic Social’s built-in daily goals lets you know any tasks that you need to take care of to ensure you get the best growth on your account. In just a few clicks, you’ll be being to see what channels are working for you.

Built for the Music Industry

We know running a label or managing a group of artists is hard and full on. That’s why we partnered with Swift Social to save you time and create powerful Social Media campaigns for all of your roster.

Multiple artists

Manage multiple artists accounts from one place at the click of a button. Managing these artists couldn’t be easier, just switch artist whenever you need, never interrupting your workflow.

Save on time and costs

By automating your curated social posts, you don’t have to worry about curating content or even scheduling. All of your artist’s posts are completely taken care of.

Have Any Questions?

Our most frequently asked questions.


There are no contracts with Symphonic Social. We are confident that our users will use the tool willingly after seeing the kind of results it can bring them. However, if you did ever wish to cancel it’s as simple as letting one of our team know through the built-in chat.


Yes. We use intercom to create a direct line of communication between our users and the team. Any questions and feedback are always encouraged and we will aim to be in touch within minutes.


As many as you like! We have some agency users with upward of 20 accounts and counting, all nicely integrated into your admin account allowing easy switching between them. It all depends on what package you require.


Yes. Our team is small and nimble. So if a feature has been requested enough times by our customers, we will prioritize development on those features. Customer feedback is of the utmost importance to us and we want to build a tool that serves the needs of the community, not just ourselves.


If you utilize all of the features of the tool you will see growth. The speed of the growth is dependent on how much you use the tool, we would recommend using the tool daily for best results.


Not yet… We have plans to integrate all social networks within the next 6 months. Supporting Facebook accounts, Facebook Business Accounts, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr & more.

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