Royalty Advances

Funding solutions to help you expand your reach

Ensuring that record labels, artists, and managers have the ability to focus on what matters most… the music. Symphonic provides royalty advances to record labels and artists that qualify to help make your project a success. We issue advances directly and/or through our partnership with Sound Royalties. Below you will get some information on our service, currently available as an invite only option.

Why choose Symphonic as your partner?

Get the funding you need, fast
Keep control of your copyrights
100% private and confidential
Funding of $5,000 – $100,000 and more

How do I receive an advance?

Symphonic evaluates every interested record label and artist and we would send an application for review and consideration. We don’t issue advances to everyone but want to hear about exciting and unique stories. You must first apply by contacting us through our Help Desk.

Do I have to pay a fee to apply?

There are no fees to receive an advance however, they may be subject to royalty recoupments.

Will you buy my copyrights in perpetuity?

No. When you sell your rights in perpetuity you may be giving up income coming in 10, 20, and even 30 years from now. Furthermore, that income won’t make a lot of difference in your purchase price.

Do I earn enough royalties to work with you?

We’re here to help everyone, but you need to have a minimum annual royalty income of at least $5,000 a year.

How quickly can I receive an advance?

The exact timing depends upon the payor of the royalties being transferred, but most of our transactions fund in days or weeks, not months.

What is the interest rate associated with this?

There are a wide variety of financial arrangements to fit your individual needs.  Because the structure of advances are done as assignments rather than loans, there isn’t a separate “interest” rate like a bank.  The advance you receive may have fees and discount rates associated with them, however, the rate can be as low as 4% depending upon the amount of your royalties, the term of the transaction, and the risk associated with your transaction.

About the Service

Symphonic issues advances directly for artists and labels that qualify. In addition, we’ve also partnered with Sound Royalties to give labels, artists and managers the opportunity to receive an advance for their next album, project, or artist signing without having to deal with credit issues while also preserving all rights to the artist’s music.

Keep Control of Your Copyrights

You get to retain the rights to your music while getting the upfront cash you need. Even better, our program is structured so that you continue to receive income — no 100% recoupment, as is typical in the industry.