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  • Get your music on 200+ service providers including Spotify, Apple, TikTok, Triller, Instagram and specialty partners* like Beatport and Traxsource!

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  • FREE royalty splits/payments to collaborators, featuring artists, graphic designers, or anyone you’d like to pay

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  • Monthly Royalty Payouts from all of the major DSPs

  • Enable whatever access you’d like to your team.

  • Amazing Analytics (TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and more)

  • Pre-save, Marketing Mailer tools and much more!

*Specialty partners available per client approval by the partner

TikTok Analytics

This new feature helps artists, managers, and indie labels track measurable success on TikTok, and we’re stoked to be able to offer it before anyone else. Symphonic is the world’s only distributor to have this feature! You will not find this anywhere else.

Maximize Your Marketing

This tool makes it easier for creators to understand the TikTok metrics that really matter and helps maximize the impact of their future TikTok marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive Metrics

While view counts get a lot of attention, it’s video creations that actually drive royalties on TikTok. Our proprietary analytics makes the distinction between views and creations, and also shows the number of likes, comments and shares a video generated.

Artist, Track, and Territory Analytics

Ever wonder which track of yours is being used most in TikTok videos and how many views those videos have gotten? Now you can easily see that data for the top five tracks, artists, and territories.

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What our community has to say about working with us.

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Thomas Cussins
President, Ineffable Music // Manager of Stick Figure & Trevor Hall
Thomas Cussins
President, Ineffable Music // Manager of Stick Figure & Trevor Hall
"Symphonic has allowed my company all the advantages of a major label distribution system in terms of access, pitching and personal touch, with the ease, transparency and affordability of a DIY distributor. We have worked with every distributor in the game, and for the first time, we have a real partner in growing our business."
Reid Speed
US Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep Pioneer // Owner, Play Me Records/Play Me Too
Reid Speed
US Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep Pioneer // Owner, Play Me Records/Play Me Too
"We love working with Symphonic so much we actually transferred all our business over to them when other contracts ended. They are a pleasure to work with, always available for support, and forever innovating to up the quality of the product and service they deliver."
Vladimir Garcia
Founder, 829Music Mundia
Vladimir Garcia
Founder, 829Music Mundia
"I was with a very large distributor and when my contract expired I wanted to deal with Symphonic...They have impeccable service and help record labels to grow together with them. Since 2018, I'm with Symphonic and I think I'll always be with them, because what's right doesn't change."
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